Are you grieving?

Grief. Gut-wrenching, soul-hollowing, mind-numbing grief.

You’ve lost  someone you love. Perhaps suddenly, perhaps you had warning… either  way, you find yourself flattened, challenged to do even the smallest  things. Days blur together, and you wonder if “Humpty Dumpty will ever  be put together again,” if you will ever be able to find a new place of  equilibrium. Nothing feels sure. Anxiety is your constant companion. 

What to do? First, dear reader, be as gentle with yourself as  possible. Sorrow is real, very real. Sooner or later, in one form or  another, it comes to us all. Try not to be afraid of it, deny it, or  chase it away. Rather, hold it mindfully, respectfully, and humbly, and  it will teach you the deepest lessons of life. 

In my experience, two things are especially helpful. The first I  alluded to above: giving in to what you are feeling, treating the grief  process as necessary and holy, the path to renewed wholeness. That  attitude alone will work wonders, beginning to soothe your harried soul  with the balm that trusting in the process can inspire. The second is  working with someone outside your immediate circle: someone who can be  an objective listener, ask the appropriate questions to help you process  your loss, and support you through the time of transition. 

That is what I do through Act 2 Life Coaching. I have experienced  shocking, overwhelming loss, so I know first-hand what it feels like. I  can help you process your loss and begin to reclaim your life. Please  feel free to contact me so we can arrange a complimentary exploratory  conversation to see if this feels like a good fit for you. There is  absolutely no obligation, only my hand extended to yours across the  abyss of your loss. Contact Gwen or read more about how to initiate the process by clicking here: Working Together.