Working Together

How does life coaching with Gwen work?

Working with me as your life coach is easier than you may imagine.   We start with a complimentary introductory conversation, totally without obligation. We need to see if we are comfortable working with each other; mutually decide if we feel like we're a "good fit."   If we decide to continue, we'll meet (usually by phone, which, perhaps surprisingly, is totally effective) for hour-long sessions, arranged from session to session at mutually convenient times. Worksheets or exercises, if assigned, are sent to you either by email attachment or fax, which you can then return to me in similar fashion. Sessions may be scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly - whatever suits your needs and both our schedules.   You are totally free to choose the framework for our sessions, either booking single sessions on an as-needed basis, or committing to a group of sessions, which is more cost-effective.    

What happens during a typical session?

You may come to a session with something specific on your mind. In that case, that is where our discussions will begin. If you are less clear about what's going on, we will use one of the "access tools" that help clients explore the landscape to get in touch with their thoughts and feelings. Universally, my clients seem to find these exercises fascinating, fun, and uplifting.   During the course of our sessions, you will learn specific life coaching techniques which you can put into practice in your daily life.   Sometimes, I will give you an assignment to complete for our next session.    We'll talk, and we'll play around with ideas because that's a good way to shed new light on a situation when you feel stuck. However, please be assured: Life coaching is never about my giving you advice. Rather, it is always about helping you uncover your personal inner truth. Rediscovering your Essential Self, and learning to make decisions from that Essential Self is always the goal of everything we do together. Only you have the answers for what is right for you. I have the tools and the experience to help you access them, but I will never tell you what I think you should do.  Part of living, and specifically, the goal of the coaching process, is learning how to fully trust yourself.  

What does it cost?


  • One Hour Session - $75
  • Introductory Package – Welcome Home to Your Essential Self  (3 Sessions) - $200
  • Special rates for multi-session packages, MBTI® assessment, or other special needs or concerns are available. 

Contact Gwen with your questions for more information.

I believe that many people can benefit from life coaching, and that coaching has a measurable value. That said, sometimes we are least able to afford something when we most need it. I want to be available at such times. Please do not eliminate the possibility of working with me purely for financial reasons without having an initial complimentary phone conversation with me, without any obligation. I have a sliding scale fee schedule, as well as alternate ideas about payment. 

I do not do gratis/pro bono work because it is important for clients to have a tangible investment in their process. Nonetheless, there are many creative ways to approach the issue of payment, and I am open to considering how we might find a solution that meets your needs.  

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